CIRCULAR NO: 3.1 / 927-721 = 01/12/2021

Dear Esteemed Members, 


The following issues were raised by various companies providing sub-agency and motor launch services with their letter addressed to our Board of Directors of our Association on 25.11.2021:


“As it is well known, as per the minutes 11/73 of your Association dated 29 December 1993, tariff for our service fees and motor launch hires were converted from Turkish Liras to US Dollars and this tariff remained in effect without any alteration from January 1st, 1994, until July 1st, 2005. On July 1st ,2005, taking into consideration the change of distances from Karaköy Port to Zeytinburnu Zeyport as departure point, the part of the tariff related to these services has been revised, motor launch hires were reduced, and the tariff was circulated to your Members following the approval of the Board of Directors of your Association. Subsequently, on April 1st,2008, your Board of Directors published “Tariff for Sub-Agency Service Fees and Motor Launch Hires” and related tariff was switched from US Dollars to Euros.


During the last elapsed 13 years starting from April 1st, 2008, both the operating costs and investment costs of the agency launch boats providing 24 hours/365 days uninterrupted services to the vessels attended by your agencies, have been subject to tremendous increases and consequently made this tariff almost unsustainable and very challenging for motor launch services to continue in a sound and developing manner.


The price per liter of the gas oil (free of Special Consumption Tax) we use has increased 174,41% from 3.5604TL to 9.7700TL between, January 1, 2021, and November 25, 2021. Whereas within the same period the exchange rate of US Dollars has increased by 69.94% and Euro has increased by 55.24%. You may find enclosed the graphics clearly showing the differences on gasoil prices and USD / EURO versus Turkish Liras exchange rates.


As we have stated, within the 13 years period this tariff has been into effect, not only the operating costs but also investment costs have been increased to the greatest extent. At the time, the services launch boats which are amongst the most critical instrument of sub-agency services offered to you, were generally with single engine and with an average speed of 10-12 knots, while due to nature of services required nowadays, it has been a must that such launch boats been replaced with up-to-date, twin-engine modern launch boats with above-deck cranes and able to perform an average of 20-25 knots in order to decrease waiting time of vessels. The investment costs of the new launch boats in question have increased by approximately three times in Euro in comparison with the ones used in 2008. (The cost for building a new launch boat is now within the range of 350,000 EUR-400,000 EUR based on the current requirements versus the range of 100,000 EUR-125,000 EUR for the old motor launch boats used in the past.) Likewise, the operating costs of the modern launch boats have also increased to a level incomparable with the former costs in Euro currency (diesel-fuel consumption, spare parts and repair expenses, cost of crew serving uninterruptedly for 24 hours and 365 days in the weekends, public holidays, and regular holidays).

Therefore, it is apparent that the sustainability of the services of the motor launch companies operating in accordance with the current tariff is endangered.

For these reasons given above, we hereby kindly request the revision of the “Tariff for Sub-Agency Service Fees and Motor Launch Hires” as per enclosed one, circulate it to all Members of your Association and update it on the Association’s Port Handbook.”

The Board of Directors of our Association has reviewed and approved the request in question based on the facts that the said request is based on reasonable grounds and therefore, decided to update the Association’s Port Handbook and inform the Members in this respect.


You may find enclosed the graphs showing the justifications of the amendments and the new tariff which will enter into effect as of 1st December 2021. 






Yours Truly, 

Maritime Association of Shipowners and Agents







Secretary General 






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