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Dear All,


Following the collection and circulation of information on restrictions and other precautions being applied to the maritime sector in order to prevent or mitigate the spread of COVID-19, it is now time to turn our attention to the actions being taken by associations to assist, support and protect their own member companies in getting through this pandemic.  From the responses received to the attached survey, we can determine what else FONASBA should also be doing to support you and contribute to the recovery after COVID-19 recedes. Making this information available to all members will also enhance the exchange of best practice and good ideas to encourage further actions in this regard. Actions being undertaken by associations could include:


• Facilitating the uninterrupted provision of agency services

• Helping agents maintain financial viability

• Ensuring the safety and security of agency staff, particularly those visiting vessels

• Liaising with national authorities, other stakeholders in the maritime cluster, port and terminal authorities and operators and

• The provision of information to members


Of course these categories are not exclusive and we would not expect that every association undertakes the same actions.  No doubt there are also some new and innovative ideas being employed by members. Whatever they are, we look forward to hearing about them for the benefit of the rest of the FONASBA community.

Thank you for your support in responding to this survey, which closes on Friday 1st May.



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