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Dear All,

Please find below for information an advice issued by the DG-MOVE European Ports Forum (where ECASBA is represented by Chair Marco Tak) regarding the facilitation of exports of Ukrainian agricultural produce and import of other necessities. This information may be of interest to your members.

Dear members and observers of the European Ports Forum Expert Group,

On 12 May 2022, as part of the EU's solidarity response with Ukraine, the Commission adopted and published a set of actions to help Ukraine export its agricultural produce. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine and its blockade of Ukrainian ports, Ukrainian grain and other agricultural goods can no longer reach their destinations. The situation is threatening global food security and there is an urgent need to establish alternative logistics routes using all relevant transport modes.

With this Communication, the Commission sets out an action plan to establish ‘Solidarity Lanes' to ensure Ukraine can export grain, but also import the goods it needs, from humanitarian aid to animal feed and fertilisers.  The Commission, together with Member States and stakeholders, will work on a number of priority actions in the short term, such as:

- the Commission calls on EU market players to urgently make additional vehicles available (freight rolling stock, vessels and lorries)

- in order to match demand and supply and establish the relevant contacts, the Commission will set up a matchmaking logistics platform and ask Member States to designate dedicated Solidarity Lanes contact points (a ‘one-stop-shop')

- dedicated action that confirms the important role that ports will need to play in this new effort to redirect the flows of cargo from Ukraine.

You will see that the important role that European ports can play in meeting this challenge is underlined. The Communication also lays out mid-term and longer term measures.

You’ll find this Communication attached and under the following link:

Solidarity Lanes to help Ukraine export agricultural goods (

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