SİRKÜLER NO: 6.12 / 118-69 = 22/02/2023

Üyesi bulunduğumuz FONASBA' dan 21.02.2023 tarihinde almış olduğumuz e- posta mesajı aşağıdaki gibidir.

‘’Dear All, 

It is with very much pleasure that we can announce that the Barcelona Ship Agents’ Association, the Associació d’Agents Consignataris de Vaixelles de Barcelona (ACB), has agreed to be a sponsor for the 2023 Young Ship Agent Or Ship Broker of the Year Award. They are offering the winner free entry into either the FONASBA Liner Shipping or Tramp Shipping courses. 

Our grateful thanks are extended to Mr. Jordi Truis Traserra, President of ACB, to the association board and Mr. Alex Ferrandiz, General Manager, for their generous support of the Award and for standing alongside BIMCO and ITIC who have both been sponsors since the first Award in 2015. 

Taken together, the cash prizes from FONASBA and ITIC, and the education course offerings from ACB and BIMCO present a significant and valuable incentive to young ship agents or ship brokers worldwide to enter for the 2023 Award. We would therefore ask all Members to circulate the revised Award criteria, attached, to their members and employees and encourage entries from eligible individuals.

News of our new sponsor will be posted to our social media channels next week.

With thanks again to ACB, best regards,’’


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